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Manufacturing Process
Advantages in production

1、 In dipping slurry process,different from theother domestic suppliers we adopt compound technics(compound of soluble glass and colloidal silica technics)or colloidal silicatechnics. Carbon steel castings will be much smoother with compound technics,this method iso popular with our customers.

2、  In dewaxing process, we use the advanced steam-dewaxing technics, whichwe are very proud of. This can effectively avoid the air-hole and sand-hole,making the casting looked much nicer.

3、 In smelt process, we use middle grade fast-smelt furnace, avoiding the emergence of the oxide;

4、 in molten steel control part, weuse Germany-imported direct spectrometer machine,assuring its quality before the molten steel out of the furnace

5、 In machining process, we have 3 numerical control machines, so we can make furthermachining if the customers need.

6、During the production process weuse ERP production and management softwareto get the feedback information in time.

Technical Specification

1.Casting Tolerance: CT5-8(ISO8062)
2.Casting weight: 0.05-250kg
3.Casting Surface Roughness:6.3-12.5um